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Ichiban Yōfuku (Number one Western clothing) is an exclusive lifestyle brand that offers handmade quality, limited edition apparel and accessories. Ichiban Yōfuku strives to create timeless pieces that embody the meaning; number one, western clothing. By combining urban Americana style with artisanal Japanese field clothing from the Edo Period, Ichiban Yōfuku has bridged the gap and created an avenue for original designs to take shape. 



Ichiban Yōfuku is a lifestyle brand that aspires to unite urban America and Japan’s working class population through fashion by creating a narrative which focuses on overcoming obstacles with determination, integrity, and courage.



It is the ultimate vision for Ichiban Yōfuku to remain key fashion influencers while educating individuals about the concepts and origins of urban Americana and traditional Japanese clothing.



Quality…We consider our products and services to be “best in its class” and strive to maintain a high standard of quality when it comes to fabric, packaging, and attention to detail.

Customer Satisfaction…We believe in respecting our customers opinions,anticipating their needs, and exceeding their expectations. With precision and quick turn around of product, we uphold our great reputation of customer satisfaction. 

Leadership…Our success in innovation, creativity, and competitiveness allows us to remain industry leaders.


Integrity…We hold true to our integrity in expecting the highest standard of behavior and seek to build honest, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Shop with us and become apart of our Ichiban Fam!

Contact with any questions.

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